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15% discount on tours, selected bike hire and extras!

Activo Bike loves cycling clubs! If your club signs up with us, you will eligible for a massive 15% discount on bike tours, selected bike hire, transfers and extras! All you need to do is complete the club contact form below and we’ll reply with your special discount code! All we need in return is for you to make a promotion on your social media channels and on your website! After all, it’s in everyone’s interests to have your members having a great time on the bike in Tenerife!


Who is it for?

Maybe your club members will travel alone or with friends as part of a small group or maybe you will choose Tenerife as the venue for your next club camp!

A benefit for your club, club members and/or a local charity of your choice!

Members pay the club the full amount and you return 10% or 15%!

Members pay the full amount and the 15% is retained by the club and goes towards club funds!

Members pay the full amount and the 15% is passed on to a local charity or good cause!

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